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expert A/C installation

All air conditioning installation jobs are carried out by our fully qualified air conditioning technicians.

  • test your load requirements,
  • consider the orientation of your home,
  • consider the protection your home is getting from adjacent properties, trees etc.
  • examine the current insulation of your roof, your ceiling and your doors and windows.

We can then match your needs with the correct system and your comfort requirements. Together we can then design a system that will last for years and provide maximum comfort and efficiency at a reasonable cost.

Obviously we will need to talk about the brands that you might wish to consider.

We work with all the major brands and are familiar with their advantages and disadvantages and we are not beholden to any of them, so we guarantee that you will get a truly independent view of air conditioners.

So, as an independent, locally owned provider of air conditioning installation we think we can give you the sort of independent advice that you are looking for.

We will try and cut through all the technical information and the endless range of models (and prices) so that you are in a position to make an informed decision.

We want your contact with us to be a pleasant experience and for us to be the company that you will recommend to your family, friends, and neighbours.

Not sure what is it that you need? Call the Cool Guys to get expert air conditioner installation advice for your Adelaide property.


  • Fujitsu

  • Panasonic

  • Kelvinator

  • Breezair

  • Coolair

  • Braemar

  • Samsung

  • Mitsubishi