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Evaporative Air Conditioning – Adelaide

Evaporative air conditioning works by using water’s natural ability to cool air. As air is pulled into the unit, the moisture within the evaporative air conditioner absorbs the heat and expels cold air. This in turn cools your house as the fan pushes the air around, providing a pleasant environment and relief from the summer temperatures.

Evaporative air conditioning is less expensive than split system, relying on a natural process to cool the air. Perfect for homes with children coming and going, leaving the doors and windows open, it won’t result in large electricity bills each month.

SA Air is the expert in evaporative air conditioning repairs, installation and maintenance, Adelaide-wide. Our team of qualified and highly trained professionals performs work to rigorous industry standards, ensuring you receive the very best servicing and repairs possible.

Throughout Adelaide and the surrounding suburbs, we can come to your home and provide evaporative air conditioning repairs. Do not get caught out this summer, keep your home cool and comfortable by taking advantage of our expert services. We cover a wide area and always ensure our customers are satisfied with exceptional service and professionalism.

Contact us today for an obligation-free quote. Our helpful and friendly staff will be happy to answer your question and discuss your requirements. Whether you need a new unit installed, want to start regular maintenance of your current system, or require emergency repairs, we can help. Call us on (08) 8284 7805, or fill in our contact form and we will be in touch as soon as possible.